Sensory Processing and Autism

Can your child help us understand autism? 

Researchers at MIT and MGH Institute of Health Professions are conducting a study on sensory processing and autism.  By learning more about sensory perception in children, we aim to improve diagnosis and intervention for children with autism. 

Who can participate? 

Children 6-12 years old who are typically-developing OR with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and: 

  • Born full-term
  • No history of seizures, maternal diabetes, or pre/post natal medical problems

What's involved? 

Children will be tested on a range of cognitive, social, and sensory processing measures.  The study takes between 4-5 hours and can be split into two visits if more convenient.  The child will stay with their caregiver during the visit, take breaks to play and relax, and receive special prizes.  Scheduling is flexible and based on your needs.  

Participating families receive: 

  • up to $90 in gift cards
  • a small toy for each child
  • on-site parking
  • free child care for siblings

For more information, contact:

Annie Cardinaux, Study Coordinator