Motor Abilities and Autism

Can your active child help scientists understand autism? 

Researchers at MIT and Northeastern University are studying how children interact with moving objects. Using fun activities like sports and video games, we hope to learn about cognitive and motor processes that may be different in autism. 
Who can participate? 

Children 7-12 years old can participate. Children with or without a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and who:
  • Were born full-term
  • Have no history of seizures
What's involved? 

Children visit our lab to play engaging games and complete cognitive, social, and movement tasks. The study involves two research visits that last 3-4 hours each. Children stay with their caregiver during the visit, take breaks as needed, and receive special prizes. Scheduling is flexible to fit your family’s availability.
Participating families receive: 
  • up to $90 in gift cards
  • a small toy for each child
  • free on-site parking
For more information, contact:
A.J. Haskins
ahaskins [at] mit [dot] edu